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    PhoneGap Build, Windows Mobile App Development; Questions




      I would like to have a few things clarified, so I can trust the Windows Phone Development Workflow I'm attempting.


      My Workflow

      I'm using PhoneGap Build via "phonegap remote build wp8" for submissions, checking the website "https://build.phonegap.com/apps/XXXXXXX/builds" to confirm changes. My config.xml is in project root, and contains what is required to successfully upload and build a signed WP8-only app (not Android/iOS).

      The same app is currently being successfully installed and run on iOS and Android devices (saved as separate apps on phonegap.build.com), using the QR code URL redirect to the appropriate App Store.


      My first question is:

      How does the QR code driven URL-redirect to App Store work?

      (Especially in context of the Windows Dev Center submission process)


      More to the point:

      How can I trust that the app shown to me on my Windows 10 test phone, when scanning the PGB QR code, is the latest version of that app?

      If I'm lucky, the Lumia phone scans the QR code, the URL to the Win App Store works, the app is shown on the phone, and it offers an update; regardless, running the app shows the default PhoneGap icon splash screen, then it just silently fails, showing the previous screen again (from wherever I opened the app).


      Because, as far as I can discern, the app version number is not shown on the Windows App Store, I can't be sure that when I submit a new app version to PGB, then scan the QR code for that app, I'm actually being shown a newer version of the app than what's currently installed.


      Furthermore, the Windows Dev Center app submission process is pretty involved, and I don't trust that it plays well with the intended PGB app development process.


      My second question is then:

      Does the Windows Dev Center "Package Flight" process affect the PGB QR code URL-to-store app version?

      Basically, should I be trying to adhere to the guides for Windows Development Center's mobile apps development process AT THE SAME TIME as PhoneGap Build's guides for Windows mobile apps development?


      In this case, Win Dev Center has a Package Flight system, whereby those users whose (Microsoft activated) email addresses are in the Flight Package Test Group are supposed to be sent a different (developmental) version of an app, to their phones (this is the case for me).


      I would like to know whether the Windows Package Flight versioning will overrule the PGB app version I'm expecting.

      More specifically, do I need to submit the latest version of the app to Win Dev Center as a new/updated Package Flight EVERY TIME I rebuild the app via PhoneGap Build (since I'm on the Test Group list)?



      Can someone, who knows about both PGB and the Windows mobile app development process, please clear this up for me?




      - Should I have a Windows-specific versioning element in my config.xml, so the app version shows up as I'd expect, in the Windows App Store?

      - The "silently failing" app on the Lumia 550 isn't currently an issue, rather I now get "Loading Hydrated Application -- Please wait -- <infinite loading screen>". I presume there's an issue with trying to toggle Hydrated off once it's been used for the app currently installed on the phone, and that perhaps that app must be completely uninstalled before the latest version will be successfully installed, in cases where Hydration was originally used, then disabled? (Annoyingly, the Lumia 550 WILL NOT allow me to uninstall the app; I may need to factory reset, unless someone has an idea...?) (Turning Hydration off fixed issues for the iOS and Android versions, so I'm following suit, but hitting Windows shaped road bumps (yes, shards of glass would be an apt analogy))

      - Should I try removing myself from the Package Flight list?


      Other Notes

      I do not have access to an appropriate/working version of Visual Studio. I'm working mostly from a MacBook Pro. I have limited access to a Windows 10 laptop for the purpose of USB transfer from laptop to a Lumia 550 test phone (an alternative to the QR scan that I can sort of trust is really updating the app).

      I'm trying to develop a Windows Phone 8 app, for forward compatibility. Should I be targeting Windows 8.1 or 10 instead? If that were to be the case, my use of "wp8" in the remote build command would then presumably fail, but I've tried "winphone" in its place, paired with what might have been a working config.xml for a successful WP8.1 app build, and I get syntax errors -- basically only "wp8" thus far has worked with the remote build command, regardless of the config file.


      Final Note

      I never post to forums, so please advise on my style/content/expectations.



      Thanks very much for your time,