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    Can I find photos which were not backed up?


      Buenas Dias,


      And hello to the Lightroom community.


      So I suffer from a condition called 'trigger finger' and I always press ok without fully reading the pop up screen. I know I am an idiot but it is like a twitch and my hands do it sometimes before my brain can say no. This has caused me many problems in the past including accidentally re-formatting my hard drive but we digress.


      So, I didnt back up my current Lightroom 4 catalogue and I opened up a new catalog by accident. Can you please tell me if there is anyway of getting that catalogue back? The only back up I have is from 3 months ago!! And I have shot a wedding and many other things since then. I have not lost the photos but I have lost all the edits I did of around 4,000 photos over the last few months.


      Before I start the laborious task of re-importing and editing again I wanted to check that there was not a quick fix.



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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Edmunds,


          Go to File menu > Open Recent > choose the last catalog name that you were working on > Relaunch




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            dj_paige Level 9

            Additional comment: when you make a backup of your catalog file, you are not backing up the photos. You must make backups of your photos using some non-Lightroom third party tools


            Additional comment #2: since your most recent backup was three months ago, you need to begin making regular and automated backups of BOTH your catalog file (this is done through Lightroom) and your photos (done via third-party software), no excuses! The backups MUST go on a different physical disk than the originals.

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              Edmunds Level 1

              Thank you very much. I got in a muddle and re-opened old ones so I am pretty sure any recent trace is gone now but its ok, I have started the laborious task and in fact it is not as bad as I thought, not all of them need editing and I exported the wedding ones already as edited jpegs.

              I have installed a lightroom plugin which does automatic backups every week to be saved on a location on my external hard drive where it imports the photos from also as I only have a mac air.

              Thank you to you both for your time and attention

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                Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

                Maybe I'm not reading this correctly, but I don't see an indication that your main catalog is gone, but simply that you opened a new one. I would suggest searching your computer for .lrcat files, looking for the largest one that was opened/edited right before you made this mistake. Double-click on it to open it.


                That said, I totally agree with dj_paige on the importance of backups of the catalog and your photos. I'm glad you're making regular catalog backups now so that you can go back in time if your catalog becomes corrupted. I'm hoping you are also backing up your photos and the catalog (and backups of it) to another external drive in case your main external drive fails.