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    Downsizing a PDF

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      How do you email a bunch of people a 46MB PDF? The chances of it bouncing back are excellent. Most email servers accept 14MB attachments, but some won't take more than 5MB. We created an 11"x19.75" Adobe InDesign poster with highly detailed vector art from Adobe Illustrator and satellite imagery from Adobe Photoshop. We were able to crank down the PDF file size with InDesign's options, but getting it under 5MB just wouldn't work. It can be further reduced in Adobe Acrobat, but compressing an already compressed file does not fit best practices. The images get to be a mess. Fortunately, InDesign allows us to export the entire poster to an uncompressed JPEG. Opening the JPEG in Photoshop allows us to save it as a PDF. The result is a razor sharp 300ppi file which is only 2.9MB. Of course, the disclaimer is that if another party needed to edit the poster's content or we had built interactive features into the PDF, all of that would be lost. So, it's not a solution which works for every project, but if you need to get a beautiful informative project in front of many people, the JPEG to PDF workaround is an answer.