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    How to get rid of pink highlights on missing fonts?

    z89653352 Level 1

      Hi, take a look at this screenshot.  See how all the text is highlighted in pink?




      I have been working on this document, which was started by another developer, and I don't have all the right fonts.  I know this.  InDesign replaced all the missing fonts with something similar, and this is fine for my purposes.  So, I was working on the doc for two days, with fonts missing, and everything was fine, no pink highlights.  Then somehow (I don't know what I did to trigger this) all the missing fonts became highlighted in pink.  What did I do and how do I put it back?  I don't want the missing fonts highlighted in pink.  They weren't like that before, even though the fonts have always been missing.


      Also, another thing about the display of this document changed at the same time as the pink highlights showing up.  Initially, when I had an image or text that ran off the page, this was not displayed.  The page ended where it ends, and the extra part of the image that would get cut off was not shown.  Now, it shows the images extending off the page.  You can see it in the same screenshot above.  What setting affects this and how do I put it back?


      I hope this makes sense.  Thanks for any help.


      - Z