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    Workflow for travel laptop


      I'm new to Lightroom / Photoshop CC. Just imported Aperture library to Lightroom Masters on my WD My Cloud EX2 NAS drive.  My catalog is located on my iMac. My question is about importing and editing files when traveling.  I travel with my camera and MacBook Pro.  Assuming I can access my NAS on the road and import the travel images to the NAS?  Do I create a catalog on my laptop that points to the NAS folders?  Then when i return home do I have to change my existing catalog to make further edits or make a slideshow?   





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          When you return home, you open the laptop, launch Lightroom, optionally select the desired photos, and then select File->Export as Catalog. Uncheck the box Include Negatives. This creates a catalog you can copy to your iMac. Then in Lightroom on the iMac select File->Import from Another Catalog and point to the catalog that you just transferred from the laptop. This assumes that the name of the NAS drive is the same on both computers, it should work fine.

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