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    Where is the download link for, and information about, Adobe Digital Editions?


      I recently purchased an eBook which was accompanied by the following message:


      "Please be sure that you are trying to open the .epub file with Adobe Digital Editions (.epub) and notAdobe Acrobat (.pdf).

      You can download Adobe Digital Editions for free using this URL:http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions/download.html


      However, when I clicked on the link and searched for the program on the Adobe site, Adobe Digital Editions was nowhere to be found -- no download links, no explanations, nothing at all - as if it disappeared into thin air or had never even existed! Very bewildering, indeed!  :^(


      So, does the program Adobe Digital Editions still exist? If so, is there a link on the Adobe site where it can be download it, and is it still supported by Adobe?


      And, if not, then what other Adobe program(s) can be used to download and read files that were meant to be downloaded and read on Adobe Digital Editions?


      Thank you,