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    [Bug] Publish Profile does not store PNG width and height, changes lost on save.  Affects Animate, possibly all Flash CC.

    efosGD Level 1

      1. Create a new SWF

      2. Export the publish profile to XML

      3. Check the PublishPNGProperties element.

      4. Note lack of Height and Width elements.


      5. Return to Animate / Flash.  Change height and width of PNG to arbitrary number.

      6. Repeat 2->4


      7.  Save file, close reopen.

      8.  Check PNG publish dimensions.

      9.  Note that they have reverted to Movie dimensions.  I'm guessing because they aren't being stored.


      We noticed, a few years ago, that there was a bug in our publish JSFL script where the PNG dimensions weren't being set, but generally ignored it for lack of time. We got under the hood for something else today and found this to be the cause (PNG height/width, even when specified, are being ignored on pubprofile import), so I'm not sure how old this bug actually is.


      Edit:  Forgot an actual question!


      Does anyone know a workaround to getting the PNG dimensions to actually save and/or modify them via script?