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    problem tethered shooting with pc and Canon 5D Mark III


      I have a notebook Asus (windows 10) with SS usb and Lightroom 2015 5.1 with Creative Cloud

      I connect my camera (Canon 5D Mark III) with canon cable, but when shooting may times the picture will not tranfert on PC, Camera give message "busy" cause cannot transfer picture.

      I have reset all " Camera .....Pc..... Cards....." ecc. ecc.  I try to use another cable....but the same situation!!!! 1,2,3 shooting is ok,....and later...give problem to transfert. 


      What problem is?

      - compatibility Canon 5d mark III with Lightroom?

      - the canon cable is not able for transfert Hi format picture? (Raw image)

      - windows 10 ?


      Please Help me !!! :-)