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    loader chokes on large (>1MB?) FlashPaper file

      Trying to load (locally, even!) a FlashPaper document much larger than 1MB causes the Player to hang, and prompts a warning ("A script...is causing your computer to run slowly"). This is a big problem for my client, who thought that we could embed their PDF content in a Flash projector CD-ROM. Is there anything that we can do to load large FlashPaper .swfs, however slowly?

      code attached; it's taken from a Macromedia article about the FlashPaper ActionScript API.

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          Hi John

          Sorry I can't help, but I can contribute with a similar problem as I'm also having problems with large documents in FlashPaper... Hopefully that will help us both ;-)

          I have last year created a solution useing FlashPaper for a client and after having worked good for a very long periode he now complains a lot, that the system hangs when navigating the pages... I have looked at the server stats to see if it was to busy... but it's on max 6-10%... the server is located directly on the web with more that 4 Gbit connection... so that part should be fine (I think/hope) His own and my connection are above 4 MBit so also our ends are also "highspeed"...

          I have tried myself to navigate and have the same problems as his has... it slow and hangs a lot

          I just used the stadard API from when it was realeased, loading the FlashPaper from within af flashmovie attached to an asp page - and it looks like this:

          function loadFlashPaper(
          path_s, // path of SWF to load
          dest_mc, // MC which we should replace with the SWF
          width_i, // new size of the dest MC
          height_i, // new size of the dest MC
          loaded_o) // optional: object to be notified that loading is complete
          var intervalID = 0;
          var loadFunc = function()
          dest_mc._visible = false;
          var fp = dest_mc.getIFlashPaper();
          if (!fp)
          if (fp.setSize(width_i, height_i) == false)
          dest_mc._visible = true;
          intervalID = setInterval(loadFunc, 100);

          function onLoaded(fp)
          // loading is complete, so we can now adjust the current page, zoom, etc.
          // go to page 50.
          if(_root.katpage != ""){
          // change magnification to 33%
          // fp.setCurrentZoom(90);

          loadFlashPaper(" http://www.domain.dk/path/" add _root.katName, theDocMC, theDocMC._width, theDocMC._height, this);

          And I would also very much like to hear from experts what can be done... I imaigine it must be a FlashPlayer issue..??? Or can the server/ram cause the problem..?

          The flash files are between 3 - 5 Mb an contains catalogs with between 32 - 72 pages. The problem can be viewed at this URL:

          Kind regards
          Brian Nielsen
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            thanks for helping us its really helpfull