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    Organizing Photos Into Subfolders


      Hello, I've been having this issue for the past few iterations of LR, and it's driving me insane.


      After a shoot, it's common for me to group images in subfolders for better organization, as I'm sure many folks do.


      Here's my process, I select the bunch of photos that I want to separate, then right click on the parent folder and choose Create Folder Inside "...", with the Include selected photos box checked.  The problem comes after it moves the selected images in the subfolder, which is that it resets the selection back to the first image, no matter where I am in the folder. 


      This makes the process very tedious, as I have to find my place after EVERY subfolder I make.  This did not used to be the case, so I'm wondering if this bothers anyone else, and what a workaround might be?  Is this just a bug?