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    Font is cut in half when printing from inDesign

    mastersteammortgage Level 1

      So when I print from inDesign, this particular font "Nunito" gets cut in half.

      I can export the document to a PDF and it will print just fine.

      I am not sure what the problem is. It only happens with this font.


      Any ideas?



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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Any ideas?


          Not really, other than:

          • Direct printing is not an InDesign strength. Many things that will go wrong with it can be avoided simply by exporting to PDF and printing from Acrobat or Reader.*
          • Add to that the potential for a font to be corrupt in some way; something to which InDesign has a special brand of sensitivity...


          *I don't think I've printed directly from InDesign—at all—ever—since giving up on it sometime in the CS2 era.


          I suppose you'd have to weigh for yourself whether really getting to the cause of this is worth your time, when a simple workaround is already established. Could be InDesign, a corrupt font, a problem with the printer driver's read of the font, or any of those in combination.


          It's kind of like putting a butter knife in the microwave. You can't really explain the blue lightning; you just know to avoid it.

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