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    A couple of general questions about cc

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      First off it took way too long to figure out how to start a new discussion.... But either way.... I have Adobe CS5 I'm not sure the version. But I had it for YEARS ( I mainly only use After effects even tho Premiere and Light room and whatever else came with it I only use After effects) so I got creative Cloud last year -never really used it and when I did use I still used After Effects in CS5- now it's expired I probably won't renew I'm not sure if I will that's still up in the air. But when I got CC it gave newer versions of everything including after effects. My question is .... Now that my CC has expired I can still open After effects so do I now own an updated copy of After effects and the other programs it updated? And is it full functionality. Cuz I'm trying to use 3d camera track and that's not available in CS5 (or maybe it is and I can't find it I'm not an expert yet). It's in the after effects that came with CC but I get a can Not find dynamic link. Is that because I'm no longer a CC member or is it due to a completely different issue? Also if I now have fully working updated versions to the programs I use them why do I need to renew my CC subscription. I just do videos for myself and for clients on my computer at home I don't share anything yet over the web. Any help would be appreciated especially knowing if I now have a fully upgraded version of After effects with my CC subscription


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