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    Importing images - not happening.


      Hi all, I fairly new to this latest version of Lightroom and am encountering some problems with importing images to my library,

      Firstly, I am running a PC with Windows 10 os. Lightroom version 2015.1.2, it updated today also.

      I am trying to import both from my camera directly and when that failed I dragged my images from the card onto a folder on my desktop and tried to import from there, to no avail.

      Image format is .NEF taken on a NIKON D3200, apparently supported according to the camera raw info pages.

      The only way I have found that lightroom will accept these images is if I import using NIKON proprietary software and convert to .JPG. This is foolish as it makes RAW pointless and Lightroom on my computer basically of no use at all.

      I am also having similar problems with imports into Photoshop CC, it will read the file but insists on changing the format before it will open it.

      I am puling my hair out, have watched countless tutorials and still cannot get my images imported as .NEF.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Below is a screen shot of the latest direct import attempt.