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    Nikon D500


      Can I upload photos directly from my Nikon D500 into Lightroom? I am working on a Mac desktop with OS X Yosemite, version 10.10.5. Elements 13 does not recognize my new camera and am thinking of upgrading to Creative Cloud.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR CC 2015.5, LR 6.5 or the Camera Raw plug-in 9.5 or newer (LR CC 2015.6, LR 6.6 and ACR 9.6 were just released yesterday) is needed to process raw files from the camera.   Elements 14 may be able to be updated to ACR 9.5 or newer but sometimes this time of year PSE stops getting updates so I'm not sure.


          LR can generally upload photos from whatever cameras it supports raw files from, but sometimes things get in the way, other programs, OS-drivers, etc, so without testing that camera-OS combination I can't say for sure.  You should be able to take the camera memory card out and put it in a card reader and have LR read the photos off the card even if connecting the camera on a cable doesn't work for some odd reason.  A card reader is usually preferable, anyway, because they're usually faster and you're not wearing out the camera USB connection every time you offload.


          If you haven't already tried it, then download and install LR CC and see if it works, assuming you have the camera, already.  The trial period may only be 7 days, not 30 like it used to be, so don't start the trial period by installing and using LR until you're ready.


          The Photography Plan is $120/year billed at $10/month and includes both LR and PS.