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    Nortius Level 1

      What are BC plans to integrate Afterpay? All my ecommerce clients are now asking for this. I lost a client last month as Shopify already has an automatic integration with Afterpay.


      Doee anyone knowif there is a connector or third party app that wil work with Afterpay in the meantime?


      thanks all

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          shopify, bigcommerce, woocommerce, etc etc all offer this... I don't understand how business catalyst continues to be business! Very very disappointing...


          I would say BC will introduce Afterpay in around 5 years... As it took about 4-5 years to have https on your own domain.

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            BillyBowyer Level 1

            lets just say BC only added a featured image field to the Blog last year 2016 - coz, you know, images in blog post aren't that important...
            ...don't hold your breath.



            ...BC - surprise the #@*! out of me please!

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              Pretty Brett Level 1

              Hi Guys


              The answer to your question is this is not high on the list of things to do. Certainly not in 2018 anyway.


              However Pretty are in the process of building an integration to OpenPay. We should have that available in the BC Appstore by the end of the month.


              Regarding AfterPay : I could be convinced to build this integration as well. It would certainly help if AfterPay or Adobe wanted to come to the party and support this initiative to help make it happen.


              If anyone is interested you can contact me for more information brett.s@pretty.com.au Otherwise I'll keep chatting with Liam and the Pretty guys about how viable it is for us.



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                Which one you all prefer? Afterpay, Zippay, Openpay etc. It looks like someone needs to consolidate these features and create a single platform otherwise platform builders like Adobe has to keep creating these plugins on going.

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                  BillyBowyer Level 1

                  Actually Adobe NEEDs to be responsive to the market, and accomodate new service providers... otherwise they become antiquated. Imagine if they only had the payment gateways from 2007???


                  if you look at google trends between the 3 you mentioned you'll see that AfterPay is clearly leading the race.

                  Afterpay, Zippay, OpenPay - Google Trends


                  Further to that it doesn't take much research to see that Afterpay have some of Australias biggest brands on board and are only Growing every day.


                  Then Adobe needs to reach out to the Australia BC partners and simply conduct a simple survey to make a pretty easy cost/benefit decision if they should build the integration.


                  And finally do a competitor analysis and see that some of their biggest competitors are already integrated with AfterPay.


                  To go a step further - if BC subscribed to the newsletters of the merchants already using AfterPay (and Zip Pay) they would see that the Marketing teams of these merchants are placing the AfterPay and ZipPay logos in the headers/banners and before the body content, quite often above and before their social media links - and some merchants even declare AfterPay/ZipPay in their SUBJECT LINES. So clearly they see AfterPay and ZipPay as converting visitors to buying customers.


                  Walk down a Retail Centre in Australia and you'll see AfterPay and ZipPay logos in Store Windows...http://www.abc.net.au/news/image/8988408-3x2-940x627.jpg


                  BC need to be responsive to market changes and add in services like AfterPay and ZipPay... "builders like Adobe has to keep creating these plugins on going." - That's what we pay them to do!

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                    Pretty Brett Level 1

                    With Openpay you need to factor the search term "open pay" also -

                    Afterpay, Zippay, OpenPay, open pay - Google Trends


                    Either way we're in Staging for Openpay pending approval to launch.


                    Then we'll look at Afterpay



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                      Spliced-Web Level 1

                      Hi Brett,


                      Did the OpenPay app complete successfully?


                      I have a client looking at Zippay/Afterpay/OpenPay for their BC site.




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                        Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        We have it running Nathan, We are just working on the documentation, app submission docs, images etc which can take as much or more time then the apps themselves.

                        But if you contact him directly by email I think we may be able to hook you up minus the in ap docs.