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    Morten Virik



      We're trying to transform a web app into a PhoneGap hybrid. On previous app we used htaccess to remove the /views/ part of our urls. Is it possible to enable use htaccess on PhoneGap? Seems like it's beeing ignored at the moment.


      Thank you

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          shotts@adobe Adobe Employee

          htaccess is a server-side feature -- you can't bundle it within a PhoneGap app and expect it to work. When working with local code, PhoneGap supports JavaScript, HTML, and CSS only. PhoneGap can be used to talk to your backend servers -- for that, I suggest using XHR or web sockets (depending on your needs), but both should be accomplished using local JavaScript code (don't simply redirect to your external site -- that will be rejected by the Apple app store, and maybe others, and is also insecure and a bad UX).