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    Ridiculously slow performance (PC)


      Hi there! I'm new to After Effects 2015, in fact I've borrowed this account from my designer wife to explore the creative suite. I do a bit of amateur video work and I'm interested to see what I can do with After Effects to add a bit more to my video presentations, e.g.: Clickteam Fusion and Steam Tutorial - Setting up on Steam - YouTube


      I've got everything set up and attempted to go through the UFO tutorial from the site, but my problem is that the performance is... unbelievably slow, even for very simple compositions - trying to RAM preview a 1280x720 composition that just contains a couple of moving PNGs and text and an audio track will have to cache for several seconds before it gets going (and stutters at a few FPS even then, never getting smooth), and I attempted a render of a 30-second clip by experiment and was told it was estimated to take 13 hours. (For comparison's sake, I used PowerDirector for the video above, which was able to cope with it with no issues on my PC.)


      I've Googled around and explored the optimizations suggested - quarter-size preview rendering, 13GB of memory made available to AE, my disk cache is 15GB and is on an SSD... are there any other settings I should be looking at? My computer isn't top of the range by any means, but is it truly this dire or is there something huge that I'm missing?


      - AMD Phenom-II X2 processor (3 GHz)

      - 16GB RAM

      - Windows 7 64-bit

      - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 with latest drivers (updated today!)


      Thanks for any pointers you can provide