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    Something very wrong with 2015.6/6.6 ACR support

    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

      So I installed the latest LR update yesterday. Didn't think much about it as I've never had any real problems with Adobe software.


      Tonight I was going back over some older images, from 2014, taken with my Fuji X-E2 that I had converted to DNG from the Fuji native RAW files, RAF using either the LR built in DNG converter or the stand alone DNG converter.


      All of the images from many dated folders come back as Unreadable. So I opened LR 5.7.1 and all those images are fine.


      I then opened Bridge CC and get the same result. Images damaged or unreadable. Won't open in PS>ACR or directly in ACR from Bridge. Won't even display the image in Bridge


      I have since rolled back LR to 2015.5.1 and everything is back to normal for LR.


      But I am now stuck without PS or Bridge as I can't find a place to download the original installer without the most recent update. I'll post this over in the Photoshop forum.