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    RoboHelp 2015 List Indent (Design view & output don't match, upgrade from RoboHelp 8)

    Chris0089 Level 1

      I am sure this has been asked before, but my search skills are not rewarding me.  My company is (finally) upgrading from RoboHelp 8 to 2015.  I'm using WebHelp with my existing style sheet from my RH8 project.


      I am finding that while my topics all look fine in Design view, the bullets and numbered lists are all indented far to the right in preview and after generating.

      Here is an example:


      Design view - all is well:

      Design view drop-down, looks OK:

      Preview and output - the paragraphs are all OK, but the lists move way over:


      Any idea of how I can fix this so that what you see actually is what you get?  If I just edit the style sheet to move the lists to the left, in Design view it's so far to the left that I can't see all of the text.


      I created a brand new project with no style sheet, and manually adding a bullet or number from the Edit tab, and the design view does look like preview.  If I add my existing style sheet the new project and use my lined up styles,  I get the same results as above.    So maybe it is my style sheet and I'm hoping there is an easy fix that will still allow me to make it look like the first screen print - everything lining up tight to the left.


      thanks in advance!