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    LR6 Can't Prepare Image File For Use w/ Plug Ins or Other Editors


      After transferring my DNG image files within LR6 on my Mac's internal drive to an external hard drive, I am unable to use any plug ins or other image editors, like the NIK plug ins or PS or Affinity editors I used before. I did not move the image folders using the OS but did it within LR by dragging & dropping them from my photos folder in my internal HD to a new photos folder set up in an external HD, all done in the LR folders panel on the left side of the Library screen. Now when I attempt to use any NIK plug in or other editor, I get the following message:


      "Lightroom was unable to prepare the selected file at /Volumes/G-DRIVE/JTO LR6 Photos/2016/2016-01-03/1601_untitled_570.DNG for editing. It will not be opened." The same message appears for any image files I select for use in my plug ins or other editors.


      After I moved the folders to the new drive, in the Library tool bar I also clicked on the Find All Missing Folders & Validate DNG Files options. Everything else checked out & seems to be working as it should.  I also determined that I have write permissions on the new external drive by reviewing it in the Get Info window.  Adobe LR support online also suggested removing my LR preference files which has now slowed everything down on LR.  Can anybody figure this out or help me to do so?