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    Lightroom 2015.6 lens correction doesn't automatically detect lens


      Hi there


      The latest update seems to have removed the enable lens correction option from the lens correction panel (there used to be three check boxes, now there are only two).


      Now when I check enable profile corrections, neither the default or auto options are able to detect the lens I used to shoot the picture. Lightroom says it is "unable to locate a matching profile automatically".


      When I manually select the lens it seems to apply appropriate adjustments. But I really don't want to have to manually select the make and model whenever I want to apply the correction, especially given I shoot with different lenses.


      Is there a setting I need to change to have Lightroom automatically detect the lens used, or is this a bug?


      I shoot with a Canon 6D. When I check the EXIF data in the library module all the relevant info is still there, camera body, lens used etc.