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    lessons wanted


      I am in Jannali in the Sutherland Shire area and I want lessons in adobe premier elements 14 . I feel experienced in adobe  elements 7 but over whelmed by the premier elements 14  I have also just moved to windows 10 so I am being tested.!!!..

      Is anyone willing to come and give me lessons I am happy to pay $30 per hour but I want someone who can take me right through  from importing media and  someone who can answer my questions and knows the programme... I travel a lot and to me it seems  from what i see so far I must be online to download music  etc??? Is this true ???   I was experienced in smart sounds, and making a dvd now I am lost.Inclined to run back to  premier elements 7 please help


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'd recommend you check out my complete course on Premiere Elements at http://lynda.com.

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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            My first choice would be to take you up on your offer, visit your country for a few weeks and provide some help.  I don't think it will work out!


            Steve's course on Linda.com is exceptional.  It will be more organized, well planned and thorough than any private tutor you might find.  As you work through the course, this forum will provide a place for you to ask questions.   Lynda's marketing system allows you some free access to sample courses before spending any money.  In the USA there are local libraries that also allow access, so it may be cost free for you. 


            Lynda.com is a massive training system and looks expensive.  There is a trick.  Sign up for a month.  Lynda will assume you want your credit card billed monthly from there on.  Instead, wait a day or two and cancel.  Lynda will recognize you have paid for a full month and stop.  You should be able to work through the course between a few days or a couple weeks. 


            One of the options at Lynda.com for full subscribers is to download the entire course content and you can do your course complete offline.  It suits travelers well. 


            Smartsound worked pretty good, but if you wanted more than the few tracks included it was cumbersome and expensive.   The current music track system does not install all the offered tracks and effects.  Instead, it lets you download one or all at your choice if you want them taking space on your computer.   All versions of Premier Elements allow you to use tracks you audio tracks you find on your own.  You can add tracks you have to a project in the same Add Media process you use for video clips.


            Smartsound itself has evolved and their distribution system is different.  You can buy single, custom length Smartsound tracks at the Vimeo Music Store.   A variety of other sources are at Vimeo too.  Additionally there has grown a variety of independent websites offering music tracks for video with prices starting at free and upward.  I have a couple favorites I can share if you want.