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    DJ program, saving user's audio mix w/Flash8

      Hi all,

      I have a virtual DJ flash program that allows users to mix various tracks, beats, etc.. The audio is provided via pre-recorded mp3 files and/or mp3s that the user selects (thank you FileReference!!). Unfortunately, I'm stymied on how to *save* the audio stream that is being played (either to my server, or in the case of a projector, their hard drive). Is there a 3rd party tool that I can embed to record the audio being created with the program? Or even better, is there a way to edit mp3 files from within action script/and or 3rd party plug-in (e.g. user has selected an interval of a mp3 file, if I could save that interval as a new mp3 that would be great, then I could just merge the mp3s later on the server side).