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    Left/Right Audio Adjustment Not Working In Elements 14




      I’ve just recently upgraded from Premiere Elements 12 to 14.


      I edit a podcast where the audio file is in stereo – I have the host’s voice recording to the left channel and the guest’s voice to the right. This has always allowed me to select the clip in my timeline and fill the audio to the left or right in the adjustments section. This helps me remove the background noise of the host when the guest is talking and vice versa.


      I go through exactly the same process in Elements 14 – yet both channels still play at equal volume – even when 100% filled to left or right. So, to be clear – If I fill 100% to the left, I should no longer be able to hear the guest’s voice or background noise. This is how it has worked for me for years in Elements 12.


      Is anyone able to shed some light on this please?


      I’m not looking for a workaround – like creating two separate mono files etc, I’d just really like to know why this simple function is no longer working.