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    Car Instrument Cluster - Android app


      Hello everyone!


      I am a newbie here. I saw a Car Instrument Cluster on a Russian forum dedicated to car modifications and tuning. After digging quite a bit I have found that it uses some kind of Flash and AS3 combination, probably designed with Adobe Flash Pro, but I am not 100% sure. They acquire data using Arduino MEGA and send the data via WIFI serial link to the device that is running the app.


      It looks awesome and I would like to be able to create something like this. But I don't know is it really possible with Adobe Flash Pro and whether it is worth a try.


      Please help me to decide.


      Универсальная панель приборов VENATOR


      P.S. I have experience designing embedded hardware.



      Edit: I have discovered that Adobe does not support Flash on ARM Linux devices. But I would still create an app for Android tablet.


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