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    Email Link

      I'm using this code to open email off the button, but nothing is coming up...do I need to put anything in the window & what should my variables be set at? thanks

      on(release) {
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          Hello GHub, the code you have should work, are you sure you have it on the MC? because that could be your problem.
          You also could try useing single quotes instead of double like so:
          on(release) {

          hopefully that will work

          Will Stumpf
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            GHub Level 1
            thanks for the reply...tried the single quotes, didn't make a difference...not sure what you mean by the "MC"

            Variables: my options are 1 of the following, should I choose one specifically?
            Don't Send
            Send using GET
            Send Using POST

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              Will_Stumpf Level 1
              MC = MovieClip.

              Ok thats strange that the single quotes didnt work or the double.

              For the variables i dont think it really matters what you do, so thats up to you.

              if you want to try something else you could try this

              give your the movie clip or button that you are using a instance name of whatever you want i will use "button" for this but you can change it.

              and then on the keyframe not the button put this in the actions panel.

              button.onRelease = function() {


              hope that helps

              Will Stumpf
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                GHub Level 1
                Thanks for the responses Will
                The problem seemed to be I had the first letter in the email in caps...don't know why this was a problem but it works now, thanks again
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                  Will_Stumpf Level 1
                  sure no problem