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    Prompt to call Adobe for free flash update


      My 83-year-old Mom was prompted to call Adobe for a free update of her flash player. She called and got a sales pitch, which she declined but apparently provided her email address, and now her browser opens with an Adobe-like page. Is this legit and how can she get rid of Adobe pop-up page?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          No, that is not legitimate.  Unfortunately, your Mom was tricked by a malicious Flash Player notification.  I suspect your Mom's computer is infected with something (malware, adware, virus, etc).  I highly recommend running scans for these on her computer.

          Adobe does take these situations seriously.  If you have the link to the malicious website, please private message it to me.  I would also like to see a screenshot of the 'Adobe-like page' that loads when she opens her browser.  See the Forum FAQs for instructions on attaching a screenshot to your post.

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