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    How to STOP Lightroom Mobile syncing when tethered.

    ianbutty Level 1

      i have LR Mobile set up to enable offline editing etc, which means a lot of data has to be downloaded and stored locally.  Normally I do this when I am at home on wifi.  The other day, the download had not finished when I needed to go out.   This stops the download as I don't have an active mobile sim in the ipad.  This is what I want to happen.


      Unfortunately, I needed to get on line with the ipad and tethered it to my iphone to do so.  Durring the time it was tetherd LR mobile resumed its download thus consuming my entire months data allowance on the iphone.  Yes I should have thought about this and perhaps I should have killed the LR Mobile app before tethering,


      I thought turning off Mobile data in settings | Lightroom would stop this behaviour, it although the ipad knows it is tethered to an iphone LR thinks it is on wifi and continues to download... And eats the monthly data allowance.


      can anyone think of anyway to prevent this other than killing the app before tethering.