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    Somewhat complicated question...

    Vraja Devi Dasi Level 1

      Hello there everyone, Many thanks to Mr.SJRiegel and Miss. Document Geek for their good answer in my previous question!


      I hope some one will find an answer to this one,,,


      So, I have a text with 3 styles, number text, the text it self(two-three lines), and translation, each one takes a line
      and it appears in this book 700 times,

      My goal is to save space and have the text and text number in the same line with minimum time.

      I was thinking about creating a table and inserting the text accordingly, but that takes too much time and work,

      Any other suggestions? and if so, please explain with detail, i have no idea what to do.

      I can do something with the styles maybe but what?


      A helpful answer will be greatly appreciated,