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    No Adobe world ready composer features in Indesign CS6 non-plan!


      I have a non-plan purchased CS6 Indesign version 8.1 (part of premium package) I have a Swedish version for mac. I don’t have the features for Adobe world ready composer that is mentioned on this page: https://helpx.adobe.com/se/indesign/using/arabic-hebrew.html


      When I open my paragraph window there is ni icon for changing text direction from left to right.


      And when I open the character window there is no choice for Character Direction.


      Is this only featured in the CS6 plan version? It just says CS6 on the website.


      I’m making a brochure in Dari and Arabic so I really need this feature! I downloaded the trial version of Indesign CC (2015) (Swedish version was downloaded automatically) And these feature were missing here as well!!! Which means I don’t want to buy it.


      Is there a plug-in or something I´m missing or that I skipped to install when I installed the programs?


      How can I get this feature fast?