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    Help for automatically mapping names on a gallery guide

    Antonio Bertossi


      As part of a project, I need to design some leaflets featuring floorplans and lists of names of students exhibiting their work.

      Number of students is relatively high (about 700) and each student will need to be mapped into a relative space (see image attached).


      Now, chances are high that a few students will drop out just before the exhibition opens and this will obviously affect the numbering. Here comes the question: I'm looking for a way to print (in a programming language sense, like 'echo' for php or JS) the numbers you see in the square space automatically sourcing them from the list of name you see next to the square space. So that, whatever happens to the list of name will automatically refresh the mapped space.


      The list of name can be a number list, but how to get the numbers of the list 'printed' (echo) into the space? Tags? xml? TOC?


      Thank you!






      Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 16.26.10.png