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    Flash 5 to flash 8 file conversion

      Hi , I wrote an large application some years ago in flash 5 that I canned due to formatting problems with downloaded data.
      (stockmarket info converted into word text & ect). I like the external data assimulation support of Flash 8 so tried to compile the Flash 5 code with Flash 8 (trial version). Have encountered problems (varied ) with errors. Is there a trick or two that anyone could pass onto me that would resolve this issue?(code problems are like 'missing ( { ' when check of code reveals code ok)

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          Rothrock Level 5
          Capitalization will matter when publishing for Flash 8. The other thing would be any place you increment a variable like this:

          someVar += 5;



          If you hadn't declared the variable under Flash 5 it would assume that the variable started as 0 or nothing and just increment. Under Flash 8 you have to declare the variable first.

          I've got conflicting reports, but if you using and of the eq, ne, add, etc. You should replace those with ==, !=, &&, etc.

          Other than that I guess that whatever the errors it is giving you might mean something. So whatever they are telling you...
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            Rothrock Level 5
            Sorry. Bad advise. As in your other thread, add is now +. Sorry to have lead you astray.

            PS: Don't start new threads on the same topic. Keep it all together.