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    Adding CHeck box beside another one?

    cbishop01 Level 2

      Hello again.  How can i go about placing a check box beside another one that will do the changes for all documents open?  I'll Paste a pic below to show what i mean.

       w.tabs[1]= w.tabGroup.add ('group');
                  w.tabs[1].add('statictext {text: "Select a change to make"}');
                  w.tabs[1].add ('panel');
              var RunCH1= w.tabs[1].add ('checkbox {text: "Find and Replace"}');
              var RunCH2= w.tabs[1].add ('checkbox {text: "???"}');
              var RunCH3= w.tabs[1].add ('checkbox {text: "???"}'); 

      The above activates this.  After the ok button is checked.

      myResult = w.show(); 
             if(myResult == 1 && (RunCH1.value==true)){      
                Replace_TXT(" <CR> ", "^p");    
                Replace_TXT(" <CR>", "^p");

      I would like the a check box to be added where the Cyan box is at or directly beside the Find and Replace text.  Either or.  I want it to be another check box so that way when it is clicked and the FInd and replace is clicked it will run the command for all documents.

      Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.27.58 AM.jpg