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    Javascript plug-in used in Pro DC crashes Acrobat.


      I have a particular government template form to fill out. It uses Javascript.


      Unless the Javascript plug-in is disabled in Pro DC, the application will crash.


      If the plug-in is disabled, the application will not crash, but presents multiple errors when it can't find the plug-in, leading me to believe that it's overloading the application and causing it to crash.


      Acrobat 11, on the other hand, works no problem.


      Wondering if anybody has any thoughts on resolving or patching this to make it work. I thought perhaps I could somehow swap in the older javascript plug-in by transferring the escript.api from the Acrobat 11 plug-in folder to the Acrobat 2015 folder, but it just resulted in the form crashing upon opening.


      Thoughts? Thanks in advance,