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    Cue Characters with Live Stage Actors


      Hello Character Animator Team and Users,

      Thank you all for the mind blowingly great application! It's been a great experience learning, creating and building a character that really fits our needs.


      The character I've created will soon be interacting with live actors on stage. His performance has been recorded Character Animator and then composed in AE and Premiere into short movies. These short movies are then placed on PowerPoint slides. The character's dialog movie is on one slide and then Powerpoint is set to auto advance to the next slide which contains a looping movie of the character waiting, (blinking, fidgeting, etc..). Powerpoint holds on the waiting slide until the advance button is pushed in the control booth. When the button is pushed the next dialog sequence starts and another looping movie/slide follows. This repeats about 10X.


      My question is this: Is there a better way to repeatedly cue the character movies with live dialog?


      Thank you!