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    AppleScript bugs introduced with Yosemite?

    Rick E Johnson Level 1

      I was recently upgraded to a cylindrical Mac Pro with Yosemite. Both Late Nite Software's Script Debugger and Apple's Script Editor used to work reliably, but now scripts that ran for years won't compile because valid code gets mistaken as errors, such as:


      tell application "Adobe Illustrator"

        if (count of documents) is 0 then return

        set doc to current document


      I press Enter and the word "document" generates "Expected end of line, etc. but found class name."


      That line works if I change "current document" to "document 1"... Then:


        set saveOptions to {class:Illustrator save options, embed ICC profile:true, ...


      It seems to think I'm trying to save a document, since "options" invokes "Expected “given”, “with”, “without”, other parameter name, etc. but found identifier."


      I also can no longer identify layers by number, and likely other incompatibilities as I comment out offending code, and even though it's the same Illustrator and same editor, the errors seem to be getting more frequent. It happens in both Illustrator CS5 and CS6, with both Apple's editor and LNS's Script Debugger.


      Has anybody else dealt with this? TIA, Rick