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    Imported images vanish at full (and other) resolution views or when trying to render


      Hi all,


      Been using AE since 2006, but found a new issue today with current version.  In my composition, I have six trees and six candy canes alternating around the edge of the "circle" as I am using a plug in.  I have imported these images from "Magic" which allows me to control their motion with Music, so the trees and candy canes dance to the imported sound file.  I guess it is more proper to say that the images are all png files.  Have done these sorts of things many times.


      This time, I learned that I could view the composition at 1/3 resolution, but at full, half, or quarter, the images vanish and are replaced with random dots, like stars--that still know the programmed motion from Magic.  When rendering to see what would happen, one of the images might flash into view for a few frames, but otherwise it is just the dots.  A render does not produce a successful result.  Even if I render at 1/3 resolution, where I can see the images, the window turns into dots upon starting the render. 


      It is possible-and I will experiment--that this has to do with the pngs coming in to the composition, and I am also wondering if it memory-related.  Naturally, these things are hard to envision this way, but does any of this remind anyone of something?  I can't find a settings issue or anything.




      Matt Linke