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    I can't cancel my adobe stock subscription


      I signed up for the 10 free stock images trial offer.  I tried to cancel after a week, and there was an option to add another month for free, so now a couple more weeks later, I tried to go on and cancel, and since it's more than 30 days from the original sign up, I'm being told I'm stuck with the year subscription!  When I added the extra month, what was that then?  It didn't actually give me an extra month, just gave me enough time to get stuck with a subscription.  This is completely fraudulent!  I was told I owe $134 to cancel, or I can continue for the year with 3 months free, which is a total of about $270.  I just wanted to try it out.  I used one of the ten images I downloaded.  It just isn't something I need.  I tried to cancel within the 30 days!  What happened?  Why was I offered another month free if it meant I lost the option to cancel?  How was that not explained?  This is ridiculously manipulative.  I just want to cancel.