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    Ink won't turn on

    justsomerandomsam Level 1

      So my Adobe Ink and Slide just arrived today, it's charging properly (I guess) as is going through the red charging state till the rainbow LED state, but it won't turn on, no matter how long I press the button. I've read the FAQ and I'm certain I'm doing everything correctly, but it just won't turn on. I was really excited to use this as it will also help me with Uni work next year but am disappointed that it doesn't work.


      I emailed adonit but no reply yet, can I get a replacement or is there some way to sort it? as an unemployed student I can't afford to pay for this if it simply isn't going to work, and every other thread with the same issue has been left unanswered

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          kirker Level 4

          Hi there, @justsomerandomsam,

          I'm sorry for your frustrating experience! What kind of iPad are you using and which apps? Adonit is our leader in hardware support so they will be in charge of getting you a replacement if the device is infact malfunctioning. Any news from them, yet? If not, I will reach out to them on your behalf.



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            justsomerandomsam Level 1



            Ive since had contact with Adonit and the person I spoke to thinks it is probably just a faulty pen, as everything else is being done correctly, it shows charging lights etc but just won’t turn on, and i made sure my iPad was correct before my purchase, but thank you very much for replying.