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    Help with going from Flash to HTML5 in Animate

    chemicalscream Level 1

      Ok, I am not a flash expert or anything. Last year or the year before I wanted to find a way to make countdown widgets for my book blog that counted down the days until the release date of a book. Once the date hit it would stop counting down and say Available Now! I managed to create one through a few flash tutorials and some awesome folks at the FlashKit community... and I created a template that I now use to create them when I want to.. After a few months I decided to try and find a way to make it so that they would display on mobile devices and I discovered Swiffy to convert them to html5, and in turn that made them mobile friendly. I've been doing this ever since and last night  I went to Swiffy to use it and saw that they're shutting it down on July 1st.


      I'm trying to figure out how to reconfigure my "template" that I use to make my little countdown widgets so that it's html5 and I'm so lost because like I said I am not all that well versed in flash or even javascript.. I tried to convert it through the commands panel and it just messes it all up.. Is there someone who can help me convert it to html5? What would you need to look at? The Actionscript?




      Thank you so much!!

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