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    Terrible customer service


      First of all, let me start by saying that the unnecessary amount of time it takes to get customer service from you company is laughable. You REALLY pull your customers through the ringer for no reason. First that ridiculous "wizard" which then leads to a log in page (LOTS OF FUN for those of us who then need to take the extra time to set up a login) just to be told there


      1. there's no contact email

      2. there's no phone access

      3. we can post questions on this forum where it is the blind leading the blind here


      So, what EXACTLY do you offer, Adobe, besides being COMPLETELY useless when it comes to your overly priced, extremely complicated products and then leaving your customers running circles to try and figure out technical support. You're a terrible company, I am BEYOND frustrated with the lack of assistance. Also, this message would be FILLED with stronger words but looks like your company has no problem giving the time to weed out "inappropriate posts."