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    LR 2015.6 Importfunction Issue?

    haylebob1762 Level 1



      after Update LR CC 2015.6 yesterday i found jpg-files are not shown in the import dialog for any reason.


      example: i have 8 Testpics from my D750 4/.jpg 4/.nef LR 2015.6 doesnt show the .jpg's in Import-Dialog

      because the number _0893.jpg is already there by other Cams. if i rename the .jpg by adding a "a" or

      whatever like _0893a.jpg LR shown the .jpg's.


      i try to change the prefix from "DSC" to "D75" in my D750 without success. Any ideas or did somebody

      encounters the same issue?


      best regards


      2016-06-11 08_38_09-2016.06.11.jpg

      2016-06-11 08_28_47-Dateien suchen.jpg