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    Core Sync Help became Insulting Customer Privacy and Rights


      Dummy file located within Adobe Folder

      Disappears overnight after insulting bilingual-learning customer.

      The funny story starts with my experience attempting to download Hunspell dictionary for Simplified Chinese and navigating my way through tutorials for installing third-party add-ons for assisting Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud. I don't have a solid foundation with computer coding, programming, or sciences as a budding student designer. I also have high expectation of myself learning a new language on my own. However, when Adobe crossed the line between "Customer Service" and "Insulting Customer", I've something to say on this forum.

      As other American designers would know, there's no set dictionary, spell-check, composer, and language direction set for Chinese languages. That's why, designers would need to find third-party sources for the program if they've not installed the Chinese versions of Adobe InDesign. I've been in the process of learning Simplified Chinese on a visiting trip to mainland China, and I still rely on Adobe InDesign to file my word-processes. I had many nights of trouble (still) figuring out how to install the settings for composing in Simplified Chinese. And on one of these nights, I stumbled upon few "Dummy" files within the "Linguistics" folder of Adobe. This appeared in my process searching for an installed package I had downloaded off of Firefox. I opened the file, confused as how relevant this file extension of plain-text could be to "Linguistics", and found nothing of importance other than a "coincidental discovery" of how Adobe Core Syn "Helper" can backfire on its customers.

      Overnight, the file disappeared from my hard drive. Instead, there was another file called "Intelligent Suggestions" outside of Adobe files. It lead me to packages of supposed dictionaries. But what fascinates me most is how programmers synced to my laptop on the other side of the world or near-by offices completely disregards "Customer Service" in a polite, legitimate manner. Where has courtesy disappeared off to? As a traveler, I'm not used to my surrounding environment, and I definitely don't expect to come back to my residence to be harassed by my laptop.

      An even more insulting manner comes when the spellcheck of the main server decides to replace "corrected" words as I'm typing this complaint to the entire Adobe software authorities. There is no better example how difficult Adobe makes for its customers to work cross-countries and cross-platforms. And as I type this, many of the Chinese natives living in China agrees in a horrific expression to the budding Adobe establishment in China's market (a worth-while investment, indeed). Not to mention, Adobe set up Behance to be a platform for "international" or "global" designers, an even more important group of customers. As one, I don't appreciate Adobe's "effort" to insult, degrade, and rob my money as I use this program. Remember, Adobe, Sync does not allow programmers the rights to insult their customers. Programmers work for customers not as bosses, but also as person-to-person interactions through an Internet connection. Be careful which customers you pick to devalue, it directly goes against your marketing pitches.