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    InDesign Interactive - Make My 4 Page Tabloid Doc Interactive


      I almost pulled all my hair out watching Lynda movies, YouTube and endless help links on Google so I am now going straight to the experts. I have a 4 page spread that was designed for print and also needs to go on the web. I want it to be like an online interactive brochure where the viewer can click through the pages. It looks like this in InDesign:



      I've tried adding the triangle button on the master page to be applied to all pages but I can't get it to work. I've tried saving the document out as an interactive PDG and It's not working. I've tried to preview the document in InDesign and it's not working. Obviously I am doing something wrong. I am working in CS5 but have access to the CC.


      Please, I need an Adobe InDesign Super Hero to help this girl out.


      Thank you so much,


      Wendy (Darling)