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    Set Transparency


      Hi! I bought a project with a lot of scenes but I don't know how set transparency in compositions. There is the option to change background color in Fx controls but not to set transparent bg.



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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          That is probably just an expression controller linked to a solid.  You need to find the layer it's controlling and set the layers opacity to zero.   This is just a guess, in reality I know nothing about the template you're using or how familiar you are with using AE.

          Unfortunately if you're really not familiar with after effects and just figured a template would cancel out not knowing AE basics  you might be in for a rude awakening.   Being totally unfamiliar with the basics of AE pretty much makes difficult to even know what to ask.


          Anyway, hopefully what I originally said makes sense to you.   Find the layer that the Background FX is controlling and set it's opacity manually.   If that doesn't make sense to you then you are in over your head.

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            ricardod62315120 Level 1

            I think that this fx is controlling a solid not a layer. And this solid is in other place in the project.

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              Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

              A solid IS a layer.  By default (at least in AE2014) solids are put in a folder called "solids" in the project panel (see pic).

              Look in that folder and all the solids in the project should be in there.

              If you right click on a solid in the folder you'll get a drop down menu with an option to "reveal in composition".

              Hovering over this should give you the exact location (Comp & Layer) of whatever you right clicked on.

              If you get that far you can go to the correct composition & layer and set it's opacity to zero.


              Having said all that:  I have never used a template but from what I understand they can be very customized.  Meaning things might be hidden or locked from the user so if you can't figure it out you might want to try and contact whoever made the template and ask them to help you.


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                ricardod62315120 Level 1

                Thank you! I will follow this path.