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    Definitive projector

      How can I include _EVERYTHING_ needed in my projector when I publish it?
      As an example I use puppetsound in my projector which works fine on my computer but creates an script error in my projector when I play it on my portable computer.

      And I have everything imported to my cast, movie files, sounds and pictures, but the projector still wanted to fins the movie file somewhere, even though it is in the cast. How can I circumvent this?

      I have Director MX 2004 on both of the computers and when opening the .dir file on my portable I got the error when running that "handler not found in object" and it showed me the line of puppetsound. I have copied all the Xtras, and I have the entire folder where I keep everything related to the project also on the laptop. The only difference is that it is E:\ on my stationary and c:\ on my laptop. That shouldn't matter since I have all the sound files sitting in the internal cast member!

      Oh, and I am using a MIAW command to open another movie which contains the 3d member. But I have so far only been able to make it open a .dir file. I do NOT want to include the .dir with the projector. Is there any way I can open the .exe instead? Maybe not as a MIAW?

      Any clues?