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    Subscribe User to Mailing List After Web App Submission



      I'm hoping someone can help me find a solution to what I am trying to do. My client has a custom web app that provides an immediate online report after visitors answer a questionnaire. He wants to then setup a loyalty email campaign after someone has completed the questionnaire (submitted a web app item) with additional content every two weeks or so.


      I cannot figure out a way to add a mailing list subscription field to a specific web app item. Is there a way to extract the e-mail sign-up code and attach it to a web app item form?


      Here's a recap of what we want:

      1. Visitor signs-up for Secure Zone
      2. Visitor submits web app item (any time after signing up)
      3. Only After a visitor submits web app item they should start receiving specialized emails


      Thanks for any ideas!