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    Cannot Get Any Version of After Effects to Startup Without Crashing


      So far I have tried After Effects CS6, After Effects CC 2015, After Effects CC 2014.


      Currently have After Effects CC 2014, would like to start with getting this version working (this is also completely up to date, every version I tried was completely up to date).




      Intel Core i7-2600k

      16GB 2133 Memory

      NVIDIA GTX 780

      Photoshop being installed on 240GB SSD

      Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate


      What I have tried:


      Updating to the newest NVIDIA driver, updating the newest Intel driver, reinstalling (here I tried multiple versions). Tried running in Compatibility Mode for Windows 7, tried running as Administrator.


      What Happens when it Loads.


      The majority of the time it just crashes and says "After Effects has stopped working"


      The rest of the time it says After Effects warning: Invalid type conversion. After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last Logged message was: <6008> <ae.blitpipe> <2> Making New Context