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    Adobe Acrobat Cloud & DC - trying to work on an Android tablet...............

    Crisis Kid Level 1

      Hello maybe an engineer or someone much more familiar with Adobe Acrobat DC and Creative Cloud.  Much to my amazement, I found out today that Adobe does not support their apps. on an android based operating system.  Since my work is forcing me to use android tablets now - would anyone on here with expertise tell me the tricks of the trade in getting Adobe apps. to work right on android? 


      I guess what i find truly amazing is that I ask the Adobe sales rep. if all of the major Adobe apps. were cross platform apps. and she assured me their functionality on all OS - no matter what breed.


      What I need to do the most is edit PDF's, but moreso, I need to be able to create a big PDF doc. out of several very small PDF docs.  And, due to my lack of knowledge here, I am dumbfounded and still expected to use Adobe on my Android.


      I would appreciate some good detail here.  If you prefer not to answer this post; email me directly as I see the android issues are very touchy subjects.


      Thank you all!!!!