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    Can't Render in queue. AE crashes

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      I have a really urgent question. I'm currently working on a project with a tight deadline and AE crashes all the time when I set up a renderqueue with more than one Item. AE started the next item in queue but freezes at frame 0 while rendering.

      Then I kill AE, restart it and I reconnect with my Adobe ID...

      Why do I have to reconnect with my Adobe ID when AE crashes like this?


      Also, after every render. AE throws an error that it failed to write XMP data. Does this information help?

      If I wait while the freezed render is starting I get an Message after 5 minutes that AE couldn't connect to the BG renderer.

      This also happens if I render one item after another...


      (then I tried to render with Media Encoder, but this little ****** doesn't render the motion blur on one layer because the layers collapse transformation switch is on - anyway, this is a different story - but the collapse layer transformation has so many bugs in it when it comes to 3d layers)


      Really, this drives me crazy

      I'm currently working with cc14. Does an upgrade help? Or do I get more Problems with that buggy software. I always was afraid of an update to cc15 because of all the bugs people mention...


      Windows 10

      cc cloud abo


      Need some help. Fast. Please!

      Thanks guys